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What can we say about family photos that doesn't sound cliched? There is nothing more precious in life than the moments we share with our loved ones.

Beautiful family photos do more than capture moments, they celebrate them. They provide a window into every era of your life. They make beautiful art into meaningful, tangible memory come to life.

Whether hung on your wall or framed on your bedside table, these are the photos that matter most!
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One Photographer or Videographer with multiple pro-grade cameras, lenses, and flash (if needed).

One (1) hour

$ 300

Two (2) hours

$ 500

Three (3) hours

$ 650

Four (4) hours

$ 800

Full day (8 hours)

$ 1350

Note, time includes equipment setup and breakdown. 

All photo packages include ten (10) fully edited photos per hour. 

Family Portraits

It's not always easy to get everyone together (or to smile!) for photos, be it just two kids or a full extended family with both sets of grandparents, but WOW is it worth it when it happens!

These are the ones that get the place of honor on the mantle or even the full museum treatment with a lab-quality, gallery-sized print ready to take center stage on your family room wall.

Kawola Family Photos-868A1996.jpg
Klein Family, FINALS-868A4753.jpg

Precious Moments

Sometimes the best photos happen while you're making other plans! Kids that get up and run while you're going for portraits, grandma laughing right before the shutter clicks, or the family dog running rampant at exactly the wrong moment, that turns out to be perfectly the right one.

Every shoot is full of these touches of spontaneity and mischief, and we'll be sure to capture them in all their chaotic joy!

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