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We strongly believe that no one should be denied service or face hostility simply because of who they are or who they love. For that reason, Best Frame Forward is Open to All.

I’m Andrew Elder, the owner and principal photographer and videographer of Best Frame Forward. I started BFF in 2016 as a way to supplement my full-time “big boy” job, be more creative with a medium I was falling more and more in love with, and serve the small businesses, non-profits, families, athletes, and artists of the Capital Region. By 2022, my ‘side hustle’ was starting to horn in on my 9-to-5. Rather than turn away business that was more creatively fulfilling, I listened to the wisdom of my lovely wife Courtney to try going the other way. As of June 2022, Best Frame Forward is my full-time career and I couldn’t be happier about it!
I’ve got 6+ years behind the camera in the field, as well as 12+ years as an instructional designer and video creator, and 15+ years as a stage 3 colon cancer survivor. It was my experience with cancer that prompted a shift in my priorities. I wasn’t content simply earning a paycheck and accepting a “J-O-B” anymore. Life was literally too short! I’m happy to say I’m healthy and cancer free, and possibly even more happy to be doing what I love with the support of my fabulously talented and cool wife and our two young sons (who are also lovely, talented, and cool).

I believe in the power of photos and video to tell stories. And for me, that means people. I love a good landscape or cityscape photo as much as the next person, but to me those images are static. They can’t compare with the depth of story of a family capturing a moment in time through a family photo shoot, a small business telling their story and promoting the products or services they’ve dedicated their own careers to, or an artist, musician, or dancer busy inspiring the world, and not content to let <shudder> phone photos and video help make their mark on the world.
I want to help.

Read on to find out more about how we do what we do.  and get in touch when you’re ready to tell your story!



Best Frame Forward is a Capital Region business, with a Capital Region team that loves our area, and loves serving the incredible businesses, professionals, artists, non-profits, and families that call it home. And that love doesn’t start or end at the camera! From the first meeting to final delivery, it’s white glove service every step.



High-quality, on-brand images aren’t something you should wait for! Portrait shoots up to 20 subjects are delivered to you in two (2) business days or less, standard! Event first-look photos (20-30 of the best from your event) will be delivered within TWENTY-FOUR hours, with the rest coming within four (4) business days or less, depending on size/length of event.



Both myself and my associate photographers and videographers shoot with pro-grade Canon cameras and lenses. This means you’ll get the outstanding color Canon is known for with both photo and video content.

Peace of Mind, and Memory

Our camera systems protect your content with simultaneous dual-memory card recording. That means every photo and every second of video is automatically backed up as it is captured.


Ready and Rugged

Our cameras are sealed to protect against rain and inclement weather, so unless it’s pouring or absolutely freezing outside, we’ll be able to keep shooting as long as you can stand it!

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