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What you do, and where you do it, are at the heart of your brand. Being able to show that brand with clear, compelling images ensures your marketing and online presence put forward the best impression possible to prospective clients, partners, and new hires.

Whether capturing your team live in action or getting photos or video of your office or work space, it’s all one simple price structure.
Lia Tour, CJDR Northampton-4613.jpg


One Photographer or Videographer with multiple pro-grade cameras, lenses, and flash (if needed).

One (1) hour

$ 300

Two (2) hours

$ 550

Three (3) hours

$ 750

Four (4) hours

$ 900

Full day (8 hours)

$ 1600

Note, time includes equipment setup and breakdown. 

All photo packages include 20-30 edited photos per hour (depending on size/content captured). 

Video editing and production separate (see Video page for details).


If your location or office is central to what you do or to your brand, professional photo or video content is a must-have. This is where it all starts!

Lia Tour, CJDR Northampton-4673.jpg
Lia Tour, Toyota Colonie-1038.jpg


There’s no better way to showcase what you do than to capture you or your team members live in action, putting in the work. Whether looking for marketing or recruiting material, this is where you go next level!

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